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Facts about Dataset 1605RDF feed
92/agencyUS Agency for International Development  +
92/agency data series page  +
92/agency program page  +
92/applicable agency information quality guideline designationUSAID
92/categoryForeign Commerce and Aid  +
92/citationTitle: Trade Capacity Building Database\nAuthor: U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)  +
92/csv txt access point  +
92/csv txt file size0.1 MB  +
92/data dictionary variable list  +
92/data gov data category typeRaw Data Catalog  +
92/data quality certificationYes  +
92/date released21-Jan-2010  +
92/date updated29-Jun-2010  +
92/descriptionThe database provides funding levels of U. The database provides funding levels of U.S. Trade Capacity Building (TCB) activities designed to promote economic growth through international trade in developing countries and transition economies. U.S. TCB activities have received a higher profile since the 2001 WTO Ministerial in Doha and their increased funding enables the U.S. Government to fulfill its pledges of support for free trade areas and trade liberalization. free trade areas and trade liberalization.
92/frequencyAnnual  +
92/geographic coverageGlobal
92/granularityCountry  +
92/keywordstrade capacity building, TCB, trade, free trade areas, trade liberalization, Aid for Trade, A4T, foreign assistance
92/privacy and confidentialityNot Relevant  +
92/specialized data category designationResearch
92/technical documentation
92/time period1999-2009
92/titleTrade Capacity Building  +
92/unique id1605  +
92/unit of analysisTCB obligations by TCB category and country
92/url  +
Datagov id1605  +
Dc:identifierdgtwc1605  +
Dcterms:identifierdgtwc1605, and datagov1605
Dcterms:publisherAgency for International Development  +
Dcterms:relationURLSHA1/2ebff02ead5572facc7ba43d31182b44bbaa3eec  +
Dcterms:source  +
Dcterms:subjecttrade capacity building  +, TCB  +, trade  +, free trade areas  +, trade liberalization  +, Aid for Trade  +, A4T  +, and foreign assistance  +
Dgtwc:complete data  +, and  +
Dgtwc:linked data entry pointHttp:// 1605  +
Dgtwc:number of entries1,271  +
Dgtwc:number of properties12  +
Dgtwc:number of triples9,309  +
Dgtwc:uses property1605/num2004  +, 1605/num2002  +, 1605/num2000  +, 1605/country  +, 1605/num2007  +, 1605/num2005  +, 1605/num2008  +, 1605/num2003  +, 1605/num2006  +, 1605/num2001  +, 1605/num1999  +, and 1605/category  +
Dgtwc id1605  +
Foaf:nameTrade Capacity Building
Rdfs:seeAlsoHttp://  +
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